Now Summer Begins!

As I look outside the window while prepping for my fourth wedding videography gig of the year, I can see that for once, there aren't any clouds of doom and gloom around! I actually have to break out the sunscreen! My frail sensitive skin rejoices prior to sunburn 😂

Seriously though, I've been waiting over a month for the summer weather to come. Juneuary has kind of sucked, but I've thankfully lucked out with all my weddings so far and I'm hoping for that luck to continue 🤞

So far I have had three great wedding experiences, each unique and fun and heart warming in their own way! This capture here from Keri and Carvy's wedding is a perfect encapsulation of everything I love about capturing these wonderful moments in time! The fact we are able to have weddings again, as they used to be, is such an amazing thing! A part of what makes weddings great is getting to celebrate one of the biggest and grandest choices a couple can make with your friends and loved ones!

And then getting to partyyyyyy! Especially the partying 😄

And with that, I'm off to the next one! Hope y'all have a great weekend. I know I will 🤟

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