So Here We Go Again ... Again 😂

So how to start this? The last time I did blog entries was when I was still living in 100 Mile House as newspaper sports journalist.

So to give a quick introduction, my name is Jeremy Hannaford and I love to capture moments in time with my camera. I've

been doing photography for more than half my life, and videography professionally for the better part of a decade now, and I would love to capture your special day. Whether it be a wedding, engagement, family gathering, birthday, newborn, ETC! There is nothing like capturing a literal moment in history for my clients and the joy and emotion I can see, both in the moment, and the response is one of the greatest joys I can get in life.

I've worked several jobs in customer service, a short stint in journalism, and currently have been working in the BC Film Industry for over 7 years now, and I feel I have found my calling in the wedding photography/videography industry.

I was always so hesitant to try and make this hobby/passion of mine a job until I got the opportunity to photograph a high school classmate's wedding and that was the wake up call!

I'm so excited for what 2022 has in store for me! I have the most amount of weddings booked in the history of my business, and I'm already starting to fill up my 2023 schedule!

Yesterday, I got to do something I've never done before! I got to a wedding gown/couple model shoot on Granville Island with photographer superstar Esther Moerman and the photos look amazing! Despite the early morning chill, we got to capture some fantastic photos of this lovely couple along the waterfront! (Photo above 😀)

Oh, and I saw the BARGE! Having heard so much about it, I actually laughed when I finally saw it.

So in closing with this new first blog post, I can't wait to talk about my adventures in life with you all. You'll see results from my weddings, hear stories about my experiences, and I might talk about my forays into the film industry as there are definitely some stories to tell there!

So Happy Sunday to you all, and here's to making 2022 goals a reality!

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